Saturday, October 16, 2010

The best C# course a beginner can take. (period)

I've been a member of for about a year.

It had a lot of videos, including lots about "old" microsoft technology. It helped me fix a lot of bugs in existing systems. I'm a "new gen" kind of developer and refer to WinForms and WebForms as "old tech". But there's lots of good stuff built on that and it sometimes needs fixing.

But this is NOT what i want to talk about. For about 6 months, Bob Tabor, the owner of the site, has started a series

which in my opinion SETS A GOLD STANDARD of things to come. The title IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. This course will take you all the way from zero to hero. I especially like the parts on Interfaces and Linq. It even has Entity Framework built in there, and he keeps on adding video after video... WITH HOMEWORK. :)

The way it's built... oh... it's flawless. If only every course in the world were like this...

I am trying to contain myself... and NOT burst out "BUY IT"... but it's hard. I've been contemplating on buying a membership as a gift for someone i know... IT'S THAT GOOD.

Give yourself a gift!