Saturday, June 19, 2010

C Language Programming with Visual Studio 2010

One of the best videos on MSDN Channel 9 to date :)

Can you believe it? C-Programming with Visual Studio Ultimate 2010, Pro 2010, or VC++ 2010. WOW!

Check out this video to see how to use Command Line compilation or the Ultimate IDE!

Make sure to view full screen, really, it's better that way.


Victor said...

Awesome blog! Quick question: Should I replace the main board in my nx9420 or just throw it away and by a new machine. Keep in mind that I could barely afford a new motherboard, but I can definitely take the thing apart and put it back together again ^_^


me said...

Get a new one... a secondhand 8710p and 8710w should be really cheap now.

If you have the money get an 8540w or better yet a 15' Macbook Pro.

Unless you find the new mainboard at a bargain price... less than 150-200$, it's not worth the trouble.

These laptops rarely have any issues, i'm surprised your mainboard has given up on you.

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