Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A new firmware 2.27 for the DLINK DIR-615 rev.B wireless router fixing pppoe issues

A new firmware for the DLINK DIR-615 rev.B wireless router.

I've been using 2.25, a firmware from 2008, for about 6 months now with some issues. I recently got a new DSL internet connection and i was having some issues with it dialing pppoe correctly but then disconnecting after about one min.

I found a new firmware for it, stamped in 2010?!. It seems they still support the model. The downside is that it is in GERMAN. I know some german and i uploaded it and IT WORKS... no more issues. Thanks goes to german tech and support :), keep it up. I also had to redo all the settings, uploading the backup configuration file produced some weird errors.

Here is the link:


you can browse other rev. here


Have fun!