Thursday, July 26, 2007


As some of you might know, hunting for drivers on windows is an irritating but necessary task... i've spent some time searching for drivers, and found these to be the best (compatibility and performance wise).

I will guide you on how to install these drivers. They are ALL that is needed to get the system up and running.

This is what has to be installed, please install them in the order you find them here:

1. Install Windows Vista x64 (doesn't matter which variation... since they all require the same drivers).

2. After the setup has finished, the first thing to install is the Intel Chipset driver, unrar it and run "setup.exe". The screen will go blank a few times, and you should restart after it's done.

3. Next install the TI Card Reader, 3D HDD sensor, Intel WLAN, SoundMAX audio, HP modem and the HP Quick Launch Buttons.

The Broadcom LAN should work out of the box, but there are minor problems with the driver so here you'll find a new one (you'll have to install it manually from the Device Manager).

4. Install the ATI mobile catalyst driver 7.7. This driver introduces a new setting, the "Black and White Levels" option. After you install it colors in Vista might seem "washed out". To fix it go to: Ati control panel (right-click on desktop and choose advanced if starting for the first time) -> Color -> SCROLL DOWN to the "Black and White Levels" and choose Microsoft MCE black and white levels and click apply.

You should now have a fully working Vista x64 system.... mine runs a lot better than xp BUT you need a lot of ram... some people say 2 GB is just right but i rather think you need at least 3GB.