Monday, June 22, 2009

Revit Architecture 2010 crashes and Nvidia Quadro FX 1600m

Well, as if happens, i am the proud owner of an HP 8710W mobile workstation with Vista SP2 X64. I has worked flawlessly until Revit Architecture 2010 came out.

Apparently they moved from OpenGL to Direct3D and A LOT of problems started to happen. As you can imagine i LOVED the HUGE speed improvement but hated that the program seemed to crash every hour or so when the video driver apparently crashed.

Went to HP's website and tried every driver in sight, to no avail. I went and tried every driver on Nvidia's website too, same issues.

I was getting a little frustrated, with some other small bugs the release had, but this was getting on my nerves.


Consult this list. NVIDIA Partener Certified Drivers... i've found the Autodesk one to be quite stable.

SOLUTION 2 (hacking):

Well i manually installed a "Dell" Precision M6300 driver for the 1600m. It has ISV certification and no more crashes.

Here is the link:
Dell M6300 Quadro FX 1600m driver