Sunday, March 2, 2008

How to make Vista remember the size of the Windows Explorer window

How to make Vista remember the size of the Windows Explorer window?!

Every time i used the {Windows Key}+E shortcut to open up Explorer... the size would be too small and as i browsed and resized, it never seemed to remember my settings. It would start up, by default, smaller than i expected it to.

Here's how to do it:

1. Press {Windows Key}+E to start Explorer.

2. DO NOT CHANGE THE FOLDER OR NAVIGATE ANYWHERE... now resize and do any cosmetic changes to the window... close it using the X in the top right corner...

3. Press {Windows Key}+E to start Explorer again... now it remembers the size...

From now on, to modify this "first window", you must remember to make any changes HERE and not in some other folder.


Seb ~ said...

Hi! Thanks for this tip, I kept trying holding CTRL or SHIFT but didn't work.

Now, extra tip: you can in fact resize in other folder other than this. What you have to be certain about is that you close your window in the first one.

To do that, you can open the explorer with WIN + E, browse to other folder, resize and/or move, then go back to the first folder using the back button and close.

That'd do the trick in case you want to set a size based on a specific folder :)

Thanks again!


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