Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to middle click on a "two-button" nx9420 touchpad

How to middle click on a "two-button" nx9420 touchpad?!

It was quite a problem for me.I could not pan in AutoCad and/or 3ds max and i really wanted to. I even thought about getting a 3 button replacement from hp and install it myself. I use a mouse most of the time but, a touchpad middle click CAN help a lot when you're "tab" browsing with Firefox or IE, not to mention when taking a quick look into a dwg file.

Today, while browsing, i discovered something wonderfull... You can middle click by pushing BOTH buttons with your finger at the same time.... YEY... superbly done :D

There is onle one catch though, you have to use an older synaptics driver version 8.3.8, which is available through windows update(recommended) or hp's web site at

Synaptics 8.3.8M driver


Vlad said...

Hi. My name is Brinzea Vlad-Eugen and I own a nx9420 that came with windows XP Home preinstalled (I got no cds). I would like to install an x64 operating system on my laptop, but I only have 2 Gigs of Ram and so am reluctant to install Vista. I haven't yet been able to find almost ANY drivers for XP x64 for my model. Please help me if you can. Do you think I should install Vista even though i have just 2 Gigs of RAM or should I continue to hunt for XP x64 drivers? Also, if you have any XP x64 drivers, it would help me a lot. Thank you for your time. If you could answer me on my email , I would really apreciate it.

me said...
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me said...

I would say ... go for vista... 2gigs of ram is quite ok to run vista. Prices on 2GB ddr2 so-dimm sticks have hit rock bottom too so it would be nice to upgrade to 4gigs while you're at it. Be sure to use Windows Update and get all the latest pathes and fixes.

arne said...

I just clicked the link with both buttons after updated the synaptics driver to 10.6... really annoying that the newer driver doesnt support it.. Hopefully the 8.x driver supports virtual scrolling in firefox, the 6.x driver I had didnt.. :-j

me said...

True... i dislike the ever "changing experience" too.

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